Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lulu turns 3!!

she wanted yellow and purple and princesses. those were her qualifications. and chocolate.
we gave her chocolate ice cream and a funfetti cake. she loved it! she loves rapunzel because rapunzel has golden hair like her and loves purple like her. this girl melts my heart, i tell ya! :)
she loved wearing her birthday "grel" crown. i made a birthday banner (in the background) but i haven't gotten a good picture of it yet.
she was overjoyed with her toys and has been toting around mermaids, fairies, and a baby Cinderella ever since! and any day is made better with a good birthday Jessie shirt! :)
for dinner that night, we took her to "Bob's Pizza" which is really Larry's Pizza buffet where the girls eat pepperoni pizza to their hearts' content and top it off with chocolate chip pizza (or in Lu's case eat mostly that all night! :) we even got to eat dinner with some friends and family who also were there celebrating a birthday! thanks Sharps!

my birthday grel was a happy princess. i'm so thankful for these three. they make my world go round.


Lindsay said...

What a sweet girl! Love that cake! Rapunzel is a big deal at our house. Glad it was a great birthday for your cute 3 year old!

Emily said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday! Love your sweet family!

Grandma Jan said...

Thanks for the update. Can't believe Lu is 3 already. Hope you can all have a restful weekend.

Grace said...

cute cute cute!!!
I love the cake. And the pic with her Jessie shirt. Such a cute girl!!