Friday, August 19, 2011

a tale of two manly ipad cases

My Dad is a technophile. Specifically, an Apple technophile.
He asked me to sew him a case to protect his new ipad. He has the attached cover but wanted something to cover the entire ipad for transporting, etc.

I scoured the blogosphere for "manly" ipad cases. I mostly followed the moda bake shop tutorial from quilt dad.

Here is my first "cute" and "manly" ipad case.
Alas, I measured wrong and it was too small. I growled and maybe shed a tear or two. (no, not pregnant!) and then I walked away for a day. And got feedback from Dad. He liked the beige fabric on the sides the best and didn't need the piecing. He may have mentioned "pleather" somewhere in there, but I refused.

So, here is my "boring" and "manly" ipad case.
Hooray! Hooray! A {{perfect}} fit!
I lined it with soft flannel to keep the cover from getting scratched. Plus it has quilted batting for extra protection.
And really, one can see how it wouldn't fit once you put them side by side. Stupid seam allowances!!!
I hope he likes his "boring" and "manly" ipad cover.

ps-I will be taking all my photos outside until I can get my birthday-anniversary-Christmas camera to replace the dead camera. I think it really helps the quality of iphone photos. Yes, I just figured this out! :)

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Lindsay said...

This is great! You are really talented! You should totally link this up to my party, there is still time. :)