Thursday, August 4, 2011

a new record

Arkanas set a new record.

Not just for the day or the month, but EVER.

116* F

And believe me, we felt it!
Going outside kind of hurts. We swim a lot. We stay inside a lot.
So, I will return after running away to Branson for the weekend, where it's cooler at an amazing 98* F!


Spencer Family said...

Yikes! 116 is hot. Isn't it crazy how anything below 100 feels like a nice break?!

Grandma Jan said...

Have a great time. Take lots of photos. Does W get to go too?

Barb said...

In Salt Lake we have had ONE day of 100 degrees this year! Glad you have a pool to escape to!

Katie said...

116!!! And in Arkansas I'm sure that it felt 10 X hotter than that! Yuck. Not missing the summers there, but still miss you and all the wonderful people there.

Grace said...