Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Top 10 Mom List

5 Things I love about My Mom

5. She is one of my favorite people to talk to.  I talk to her almost everyday and only worry that I'm pestering her some of the time. 
4. She is a wonderful example of everything-good cooking, housekeeping, being a supportive wife and Mom, attitude, unconditional love, talent
3. She has always played a big part in my life: from embarrassing me in elementary school class parties with her crazy costumes complete with bells on her shoes, to finding a way to come to all of my girls' camps, to taking care of me when my baby was born and I had surgery.
2. She's a wonderful grandma to all six and a half of her grandchildren-loving them and caring for them and teaching us to be better parents to them.
1. She's my Mom and she's always loved me and I know she always will.

5 Things I Love about Being a Mom

5. M is my biggest fan-I love that she thinks I'm the coolest! (although it hasn't been helpful with my new calling-she's had to leave sacrament meeting two weeks in a row screaming for me!)
4. I love watching my babies grow and the companions and friends that I've gained in these two beautiful girls (I'm just sure this next one is beautiful too! :)
3. As overwhelming and scary as it is, I love teaching and sharing the world with my girl.  I love watching her learn and develop and being a part of that. I love watching the traits come out that remind me of me or my sister like her singing and dancing.
2. I love snuggling with my girl.  When she was tiny, I loved having her sleep on my chest and now I love when she snuggles up with a book or a princess show or just because!
1. It is amazing to be part of my girl's life-to know that we created her, to know where she came from and for her to be a part of our eternal family.


Grace said...

that is so sweet!! I love you! and Happy Mother's Day

Mardie said...

OK, I am horrible about checking your blog. I OBVIOUSLY need to do better! Thank you so much for being my daughter. You make me look like I have done a good job! I am very proud of you. You were meant to be a mom and a wife. I am so thankful that the Lord is blessing you with children of your own.

I love you forever.