Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cousin bonding

These pictures are a few weeks old but I am still catching up! We've been lucky to have cousins close by who love games even more than we do! Jeff and Katie were soooo good to W while I was gone and we've kept weekly game night going. We trade off dinner and treats and then play a few games. We're so glad it's kept going! And M loves their baby! He's a year younger but she asks about him all the time and wants to see him all the time! I love that she has family her age around here.

He wasn't as keen on holding hands as M was!

As an aside journal note, I love how my babies react to when I drink especially. I just had a glass of water and the little one inside is kicking up a storm! M was like that too! I would drink a glass of juice especially and she'd go nuts! I LOVE this stage of pregnancy!


Linz said...

That is so fun that they respond to something specific like a drink!

Grandma Jan said...

Thanks for the photos. I love to see M in living color. She is as adorable as ever.
G Jan

Claudia said...

love the pic with Uncle Jeff and the kids! I bet it definitely helps M adjust to her new surroundings with Katie, Jeff and Ashton so close!