Monday, May 19, 2008

Creativity Progress Report

I LOVE the dress!  It's so cute!  There's just one big flaw (besides that it's not hemmed and I haven't taken out any of the basting stitches).  It's made for size 3 gigantor babies!  The pattern didn't say that!  I usually have the opposite problem (the pattern is way too small!) so I didn't worry too much and made a size 3 for my 2 year old because I wanted it longer.  Oh well. So now I'm trying to decide if I should try to alter it (which could work or could make it look well, altered) or just put it away for next year (or three years from now based on how gigantic it is!)

One mother's day present down.  (I'm depending on my mother's not ever reading my blog here so T&G shouldn't show this to her!) I've been wanting to make my Mom some cards for her birthday/mother's day present and finally got together with Katie to do so.  We had so much fun and what's cool is that some of these are her designs and some of them are mine so we made a great pair!

Other progress:
-the bed is downstairs thanks to the cousin get together on Saturday!  yay!!!! I'm sleeping underneath a cool fan and next to a cool A/C vent. No more sweltering lofts for me!!!! (but no, not making a huge dent in the insomnia)
-no other fabric cut but I've got to get busy on some of this or my other mother's day presents won't make it!

I'll keep you posted!


Claudia said...

what cute cards. i love mine, thank you very much. it took me a while today to finally decide that I could use them to give to others. they're too cute to give away! but i did :o)

Alis said...

I LOVE that dress! The colors & fabric are absolutely adorable!

Spencer Family said...

You are so talented! That dress is darling! Can you get more fabric and make one for her now and then save that one for later? It really is so cute! I never knew you were so crafty--we should have gotten together and sewed or stamped together. You will have to tell me where you got all your ribbon, fabric, stamping stuff when you lived here. I'm always looking for new places!

{irene} said...

Look at you all crafty!!!...Love the cards!

Grandma Jan said...
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Grandma Jan said...

Thanks for sharing the projects. I love the dress and the cards are great. I like the fruit card - they all turned out cute.
G Jan

Liz&Meg said...

thanks guys!
Alicia, I didn't know you were such a crafty girl until I moved either! We definitely should have figured that out earlier!
I get my ribbon-Joann's in Edina (the Minnetonka one is ghetto) I had trouble finding good fabric though. You can get good deals at Mill End in EP (off Flying Cloud, hard to find and it's a big warehouse but always a ton on sale and great coupons!)
I'm a big fan of Archiver's and my mother-in-law used to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator so I have a ton of stamps from her. In fact, of all of the stamps for those cards, only two of them were my cousins, the rest were mine.

Claire said...

The dress is SO CUTE!! Love the fabric and the design. Absolutely adorable!

Teriney said...

LOVE the dress!

Grace said...

the cards are adorable! I won't show mom. i don't think she's seen it, anyway. :) sorry i haven't looked at your blog in a while. I'll be better, i promise!

Mardie said...

I LOVE the dress! I agree - save it for next year and make another.

I LOVE the cards. I am glad you have them posted so that I can copy your ideas. It makes it so much easier to use the ones you sent. Thank you so much. I decided that my favorite is the purple cut away. It is gorgeous! The rest are all my favorites too.

I love you,