Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let the Insomnia Begin!

I remember this from last time. I've been dreading it.
The point where you just can't get comfortable.
Where you toss and turn all night but wake up each time because it's such an effort to get the beached whale to actually turn all the way over.
The point where your mind will not slow down and stop for the night.  
Where all of a sudden you can now remember all the things you forgot on your list.
I couldn't get to sleep last night, then I woke up every hour and even read a chapter in my book at 3am.  


Luke&Jen said...

Bummer! I know all to well what you are going through! I found that drinking warm milk right before bed helped me get to sleep a little better (that is until I had to get up to use the bathroom 2or 3 times!) Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

Katie said...

Try some Unisom, and don't drink after 7pm.

Kim said...

Have you tried the pillows under/beside the belly, between the knees and behind to support the back... You probably have, but I just remember thinking how much support it takes to make a prego body comfortable. Good luck, it is hard when you don't get enough sleep!

Claudia said...

Very true. I remember now. Thanks for the reminder, tonight when I go to sleep I'll be more greatful! :o) It's only a couple more months, you can do it!

Liz&Meg said...

I sleep with two king size pillows supporting me and they help a ton, it's just that everything's awkward right now!

You can take stuff like Unisom pregnant?? I know you can take tylenol pm, maybe that's the same, but I'm trying to keep that as a last resort.

it didn't help that W decided to loudly empty the dishwasher this morning before he left for work which also woke up M earlier than she has all week! argh!!!!