Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a girl needs...

My cousin tagged me and it was indeed entertaining.  You type your name into Google along with "needs" and see what pops up.

What I "need"...
1) protection
2) three olives and some yarn
3) a HERO!!!
4) a brewskie
5) your prayers
6) to stomp that Latin out!
7) loving
8) a spring cleaning
9) more hip action
10) no defense

M "needs"...
1) help
2) a very quiet home in a place with few or no thunderstorms and lots of sunshine
3) a summer intern
4) a [butt] kicking
5) to return to Rexburg (yes, seriously Grace!) 
6) sleep
7) a makeover
8) to buy me a drink
9) a pep talk
10) to go back to school (try start in three years!)


Grandma Jan said...

OK, very cute, but M needs a summer intern? How did you get that one? Inquiring minds want to know. There has to be a story behind that one.

Liz&Meg said...

it was one of the search results on google after i typed in "M needs". What I find interesting is that you're more concerned about her needing a summer intern than her needing a butt kicking or my needing a brewskie!

Grandma Jan said...

OK - I don't even know what a brewskie is?
As for the butt kick - yes that is a little severe but why not - don't we all once in a while.
M is so cute I know I would laugh before I could ever 'make her shape up' - but that's why I'm the Grandma.
G Jan

Bamamoma said...

This was fun and funny. I did it and got that I need:

* A day off (how'd they know)
* prayer
* to finish my novel
* to watch the hills season 2
* to know that every man I meet is drooling over me (I had no idea)
* to go back to Las Vegas (I HATE Vegas!)
* to grow up (indeed)

funny stuff!

Kim said...

I love comments on my blog, so I don't know why I don't comment more on others'.
I think I forgot to say thanks for the funny idea sooo, thank you!
It must be that this is really funny and not just late at night because I'm still laughing:-D Love it!