Tuesday, May 25, 2010


(M creating art on her easel on the back deck)

Miss M has had a harder time with Dad gone than lulu has. I guess that's to be expected since she's more aware. Lu probably just thinks he's always at school right now!

Our bedtime routine especially has turned into a tantrum routine. She's trying to manipulate every little thing since there's only one person to fight back right now!

On Saturday night, she was beside herself sobbing about, well, nothing. She had bumped her lip earlier in the evening so I asked if she was hurting anywhere else, just in case.

She replied, "Yes, my heart is hurting."

That made mama's heart hurt. Needless to say, that was one tantrum that required a lot of cuddling afterward for her poor heart!

W just shared this story with me last night though! It's now my favorite! When we got to the airport to drop him off last week, both of us jumped out to get the bags and say goodbye. Dad went back to say goodbye to the girls.

Apparently M said, "Dad, you can't go. Lucy and I don't know how to drive home!"

She must have been relieved when I got back into the driver's seat! :)


Grace said...

this one brought me almost to tears! I hope you're doing okay. I love you. You are a wonderful mommy!!!

Grandma Jan said...

How adorable. I am tearing up too. Sob, sob! I wish I could come cuddle with the girls until Daddy gets back.
I love the M photo. Tell her to send Grandma a drawing.
Love you all. Take care.