Friday, May 21, 2010

Greek Food Festival!

I try to never miss this event! The food is awesome, the dancing is a dream come true for miss M! I am a sucker for a tasty gyro! And lulu could live on pitas and hummus. Seriously!

We met family there and M had herself painted a pink cat.

She danced the evening away, feasting on hummus and souvlaki, while the Greek, Irish and Indian dancers entertained us.
And this one is just for my hubby. I am very very husband-sick today. It's been a very long week! I went from being sick to working a lot the rest of the week.
To cope, I'm staying busy this weekend!
Next up,
Saturday morning swimming :)
a birthday party Saturday afternoon,
a ward fundraiser spaghetti dinner Saturday night,
and the LOST series finale Sunday night, of course!!!!

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Grandma Jan said...

Great update. Looks like a fun Friday evening. Take care and STAY WELL.
Hugs, G Jan