Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another fork in the road

so sorry!
not THIS gecko!
this one!
my hubby is starting a new job soon! He will be the guy that estimates the damage on your wrecked car. It's very up his alley-customer service, finance and cars all rolled into one!
We are BEYOND ecstatic!

I am BEYOND proud of my sweet man for his determination, his endurance and for working so hard at both his job and school and finding a better job!!! He is amazing!!!!!!!

A year and a half of looking for a permanent job!!
We were BEYOND blessed to have his temp job to see us through, but things like paid time off? sick time? a 401K? Health insurance???

We're giddy with excitement!

He's going to training for three MONTHS though! He's excited, and if they can get all his background checks done, he will start on Monday! Otherwise, he has to sit for a month, wishing he could start and driving me crazy until the next class starts! :)

So, even though I tear up every time I think of him leaving, I'm rooting for Monday!
Let's get the show on the road!!!


Heather said...

Wow, super stoked for your family Liz! But three MONTHS?? I cried when D left me for 2 weeks! Where is training? At least you live by family though, so that's a bonus. Tell your hubby I wish him luck that everything will work out fabulous!

Linz said...

That is wonderful news!!!! I hope the 3 months goes by sooo fast. I bet it will.

Grandma Jan said...

I am so happy for W and all of you. Best of luck on the new adventure.

Emily said...

3 whole months? Wow. So happy for you guys though!

Barb said...

Great! Congrats!