Friday, May 14, 2010


I have high hopes for this weekend!
I'm prayin' for no more fevers!
No more wheezing, vomiting, or ear aches!
Because this has been one loooong week!

However, I have to be thankful that these were my sickies.
pitiful? yes
whiny? yes
clingy? yes
but overall, we got along quite well. I didn't get to work much and we're going back to the doctor today. But we learned why hubby wasn't supposed to start his training until next week. He needed to be here taking care of all of us!!
We learned a few things this week as well.
1) We love Arkansas Children's Hospital. We had a rough experience recently but the care and follow up they gave to miss lulu when she couldn't breathe early this week was outstanding! (wow! that's a big logo! sorry!)
Okay, done gushing.

2) These oven bake meals from Bertolli are REALLY good! I grabbed two at the store last weekend, for exactly this occasion. Home all day, cuddling girls all day, house a wreck, no dinner made. I was amazed at how little I could do being home all day because all they wanted from me was to hold them all day. So we would try to get them to eat something and then hubby and I would eat this. And they were tasty!
3) I must thank the Sesame Street folks for knowing my little Lu.
She's the one who's currently obsessed with Elmo. To the point that when we watch 'Elmo's World', she gets annoyed whenever he leaves the screen and points at the TV whining, Emmo, Emmo, Emmo until he returns. We have resorted to the Sesame Street YouTube channel which is wonderful and provides pure Emmo goodness for all. And then we borrowed this from grandma Mardie. She may not get it back for a while!
Finally, even though I was supposed to work this morning, M didn't know that and was up six or seven times last night with an ear ache (hence the return to the doctors today!), and throwing up mucus, but I still have high hopes for the weekend! We have to get Dad ready for his work training to start on Sunday (surprise!!!) and we have to get the rest of us ready too!!!


Grandma Jan said...

What a week! Glad you got through it and hope the weekend treats everyone better.
Good news for W and his new job. I'm sure he is ready to get started.
And those grades - more great news.
I know you'll be busy but keep us posted and we love the photos.
Hugs and Kisses, G Jan

Julie said...

I'm glad you survived the week!! Your girls are so cute--even sick!

Eden is in a huge Elmo phase too and also gets upset when he leaves the screen. We need to get that DVD!