Wednesday, May 26, 2010

for Dad

which is ironic because he has no access to a computer and probably won't see this picture since every spare minute is spent studying.

so he'll see it next week when he's home for two days! :)

We told lulu to say "cheese" for Joe so we could send a picture to Daddy. She was happy to comply!

She is starting to combine two words together! love it!

She says "love you" in this funny, muddled way that melts your heart. And she tries to sign it which melts the rest of you!

She is enjoying free reign of her "nummy" while Daddy is gone. Beware of the end of the summer! There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth to be sure!

She loves shoes, loves to get everyone else's shoes and loves to go bye bye!

She loves to "preeby hair" and brings us headbands, flowers and bows for her hair so it can be pretty!

She is fully and completely in the Elmo phase. If the computer or DVD are on, she is upset if it is not Elmo. If he leaves the screen for too long, she immediately squawks, "help!"

She loves loves loves talking to Daddy on the phone. She won't give back the phone, and jabbers on and on to him.

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