Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Single Mommy Cooking


I have three months looming in front of me that are filled with chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese!

I must admit I have very little motivation for "real cooking" when it's just me and the girls. I work three days a week, and if you ask M what she wants, the standard answer is always "chicken nuggets and chekup".

I know how to make fast, easy meals but usually it's not the stuff the girls like. I need some fresh, new ideas to spruce up my meal plan, not continually eat in kid land, and still feel like I'm giving them good food!!



Katie said...

I like making ham fried rice when I know i"m going to be busy, it's quick, easy, and we will eat it all week long. My kids like it too.

Sorry, that's all I have. I'm sure hamburger helper will get old fast too.

Heather said...

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld or something similar.

Emily said...

I have no idea what your girls are willing to eat, but my blog buddy Laurel often posts freezable meals that look pretty family friendly and decently healthy. And breakfast for dinner or grilled cheese is my go-to on nights when I've totally forgotten that feeding myself and B is actually kind of important.



And a site she links to with great kid-friendly looking recipes:


Grandma Jan said...

How is the single Mom thing? I'm sure you will be so happy when the training is done - but as you and W say - so worth it!
Love you guys.
Cooking - I have no idea but you are so creative, I'm sure you'll come up with lots of yummy things.

ali said...

I am no help- we live on chicken nuggets and mac and cheese when Ryan is gone. I throw in fish sticks to make it interesting. I think cooking is one of the hardest parts of the guys being gone!! su

Linz said...

It's hard to have TIME to cook when you are going single. Maybe you could commit to 1-2 nights per week where you spend more time on dinner and make veggie stir fry, salads, or something that is more up your alley. When my hubby is out of town, I sometimes treat myself to a simple dinner out, like Panera or Noodles and company. It feels deserved! GOOD LUCK!!!

Eric said...

Do you have Trader Joe's? There already made frozen meals are really yummy and easy. I aslo like this blog for easy recipes: http://5thingscooking.blogspot.com/. My kids love BBQ sauce on chicken or you can buy a cheap rotisserie at Costco. HOpe this helps!