Thursday, May 20, 2010

oldies but goodies!

I don't have my camera or recent pics here at Mom's.
But I have her classics.
And proof.
proof that Em might just be right that lulu does in fact look a bit like my mother!
because this pic reminds me of my wild girl!
and the crazy kid on the left in the window too! my mom again passing her wild genes down!
(ps-isn't my grandma beautiful?)

and this one who looks a lot like my bedheaded lulu!

but I think my mom's genes have also gone elsewhere.

this one reminds me of my M. Except I think my Mom is being contemplative and this reminds me of M's pouty face. :)
and this one is M's coy face to me.

however, my girls had to get it from somewhere.

somewhere there is a picture of me, in a very similar clown costume, circa 1989 and it looks a lot like this one!
here are a few more to ponder.

Hazel's eyes when she's excited? Or Ru's?

And, why hello, Ru!
My Mom is beautiful and talented and we're blessed to have her genes. And it's fun to see it in all her little grand girls!


Emily said...

Such a perfect mix of the whole family in everyone! So neat.

Linz said...

That's so cool!