Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are no good at holidays.
Remember the great birthday re-do of 2010 back in February??
Well, luckily there's no throw up involved but two sick and cranky girls today made for a rough Mother's Day.

While I've been battling my own feelings of inadequacy as a mother, I'm truly thankful for the spirits that have been sent to my home.

I adore my oldest girl.
I'm so thankful that she entered this world so peacefully (albeit tardy!) and was such a wonderful baby! It made my transition to mommy-hood so much smoother! I'm eternally thankful that she slept through the night at three weeks old! It almost makes up for all her four year old drama! :) I am thankful for her creativity and that her world is colored with princesses and fairies and all things beautiful!

And you should just be prepared to see this picture of lulu over and over. It's my current favorite.

I treasure my youngest girl.
I'm so thankful that all she wants after a nap is to snuggle with mommy. I love how excited she gets when she hears Daddy's key in the door at the end of the day! I'm thankful that she learned to walk and has become a walking parrot, reassuring us that she will do everything in her own time. I'm thankful for her infectious smile and blonde curls!

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely women out there, for all of your examples, encouragement, listening ears, and funny stories!


Emily said...

Happy Mother's Day yesterday. Your girls are beautiful and wonderful and a tribute to their mama who is raising them that way!

I'm confused - is W still home or did he leave yesterday? I'll call you this week to sort it all out :)

Grandma Jan said...

The girls are beautiful. Are they feeling better? Have a good and relaxing week.