Sunday, May 30, 2010

my little droids

I grew up on Star Wars. My oldest brother has turned it into a hobby...well, lifestyle. :) He is an honest-to-goodness Star Wars geek.

But I would be lying if I didn't admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for Princess Leia.
I have a lot of her action figures, neatly packed away in boxes that will never be opened.
I wish I had her hair.
She is the superior princess. She knocks Padme out of the park, in my opinion, even if she is her mother.
have I lost you yet? :)

In an effort to decrease the level of Cinderella toxicity in the home, we are making efforts to branch out our princess movie definition. Recently, M has taken a liking for a star called Yvaine, a princess named Buttercup and this weekend, an introduction to Princess Leia.

They're already hitting it off quite nicely.

I've also discovered something.

My girls are droids!!!
They're not unfeeling robots but they bear a close resemblance to this pair! Really!

On the left, we have C3PO.
  • a very smart, but bossy know-it-all, who gets easily annoyed by his light-hearted counterpart

On the right we have R2D2.
  • a short, stocky droid, who likes to dance, hide things just to make C3PO mad, and stomps around when he doesn't get his way!

But if I'm Leia and the girls are droids, who does that make W???? :)


{irene} said...

Girl!!!! I can believe how big your girls are! so cute! it was so nice seeing your parents the other day...we love you guys!

Grandma Jan said...

Well done!

Grace said...

and it still makes me giggle four days later! Love it!