Monday, June 21, 2010


Me: How many dresses are you wearing?
M: (holds up two fingers) So I can look BANTASTIC! (singing the last word triumphantly!)

after telling M where her heart is
Me: Did you know Papa is a heart doctor? He keeps your heart healthy.
M: You mean Papa Bill?
Me: No, Papa Gareth.
M: You mean the one married to Grandma Betty?
Me: No, Papa Gareth who's married to Grandma Mardie.
M: Oh! You mean your Dad?

after dropping my youngest brother off after the church swim party
M: I just love Sam. He is just so nice!

a few of lulu's faves right now:
LG: hold you! hold you! (translated: pick me up and carry me)
when I put her to bed, she holds out her fingers trying to make the "I love you" sign and says "see ya, wuh-voo"
she can sing the chorus to Feist's "1234" and Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feelin"

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Grandma Jan said...

Adorable - "you mean your Dad?" - love it. I can just here talking up a storm. I miss her so much - Lulu too. I want to see her sign - 'I love you'.
Have a great week.