Tuesday, June 8, 2010

While Mom was blogging...

I know I sometimes paint a picture of a wild and unruly four year old living at my house.

Which is why these moments are even more wonderful and cherished! I came out of my room tonight, after a much needed time out to find Miss M.

The hopes that I might be raising a bibliophile warm my heart!!! (and it's amazing how nice it is to play in a clean room, right dear daughter of mine????)
because seriously, look who the unruly, wild one was tonight???
I really don't know why marinara=war paint in lulu's mind but apparently it does because without fail, every time she has anything with a red sauce, it's not just all over her face, she literally has wiped it in her hair, on her forehead and nose and all up her arms!
but at least she's full, satisfied and had fun, right??? :)

This one has definitely missed her story time with Dad. I need to be better at it while he's away. I've been sooo spoiled!
I love this girl.

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Grandma Jan said...

A reader in the family - wonderful. What great photos. And yes, Lulu and her food paint - what a cutie!

Head over to my blog when you have time and show Megan the funny smiles from her aunts here in MN. She's not the only one with silly smiles. It must run in the family genes.

Have a great day.