Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I was a crazy woman and went to a triple feature for the Eclipse premiere last night!
The movie was the best one so far.
In the books, I love Edward.
But Jacob is hot. I must admit.
This is the group that we went with.
(l to r: Becca, Kristin, Sayra, Lindsey, me, Holly and Maria Mae)
I love having MoonPie to do fun and crazy things with. Here she is, yes, laying on the ground to model her tattoo with a set of twins who have REAL tattoos on their feet saying, "the lion fell in love with the lamb."
I love having her around to pose for crazy pictures with!
and convince me to wear Volturi tattoos!
And take pictures with pop bottles in her shirt to cool down!
Love this girl, loved the movie, it was so worth the sleep hangover!!!

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Grace said...

I missed you two when I went!!! maybe there will be a miracle and I can see Breaking Dawn with you two that time!!
Love you both!!