Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Daddy

He made his debut on his birthday. Somehow over the last four years, he's come to accept that.
but he's never looked back.
He was delighted to have another girl two and a half years later.
but this one has him wrapped around her finger.
or by the look of her, maybe she's wrapped around his!

he's more patient than I am.
he IS story time.
he loves all three of his girls more than we can say!
and we miss him like crazy but are so proud of him!!!!


Grandma Jan said...

Lovely tribute to our guy. And yes, he is a wonderful Daddy and husband. I too am very proud of him.

Grace said...

This is adorable. I almost cried. He really is a great dad to those girls! and he's simply amazing for you! I know I'm thankful for him and I know mom is, too.