Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time for a status update...


loves So you think you can dance. I think Kent and Jose and the blonde girl are adorable and I yes, I voted. For four people.

misses her husband.

did I mention only 8 days???????????

is loooooving having a garage to park my car in this week when it's 99 degrees! I no longer feel like I'm committing child abuse as I strap my girls into their carseats.

is proud of the fact that she might have turned Teriney into a Gleek.

is excited for Eclipse in less than a week!!!!

8 days!!!!!!

is itching to sew girls' clothes but seriously, they don't need anything until fall!!!

is thankful that she can wear flip flops to work.

wishes she could see Kauai too!

is going to be slightly less busy very soon.

is wondering if the Eclipse soundtrack is better than the New Moon one??

can't eat any more pasta al forno for a while.

now has to ask her other brother to dispose of the dead bird on the front stoop.

is thankful that her four year old does not sleep with her every night. She has personal space issues!

loves that lulu's new favorite toys are matchbox cars!!


Admiral Joe said...

oh yeah. forgot about the bird. sorry.

Liz&Meg said...

hah! no problem. jake didn't do it either!

Grandma Jan said...

Great updates. I'll expect to hear more news and why you have time soon.

Grandma Jan said...

Sorry about that - I sounded rather demanding and I didn't mean it that way at all. I'm off for my 30 minute evening walk. Good thing it's only 70 degrees and not raining.