Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fabric Pumpkins!!!

I never got around to it last year.
But I showed them to my mom last week and she immediately jumped on the idea and so we made them!!
We pulled out our fall stashes, added a few new fall fabrics, and sewed away!
The two paisley ones at the end are my favorites.
And the tall skinny ones!! Okay, I love them all!!
Go make some! They are so easy and fun!


Linz said...

Darling! Happy Fall! I'll never forget your delicious pumpkin soup!

Heather said...

WAY cute! I think I will need to whip out my trusty Bernina and put my sewing skills to good use. We'll see if mine turn out as stinkin' cute as you and your moms though.

Grandma Jan said...

I love them too. Beautiful fabrics. They make a wonderful display.

Tati said...

so cute! You inspire me with all your craftiness. Cute project intimidate me so much.

Hope you have a great birthday :)

Grace said...

Cute!!! make me some!! :)