Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day = Change

Grace and Jason left to go home today :(

Grandma and Grandpa Holman go home tomorrow :(

I want to get my pumpkins out even though it's 94 degrees today!

I will miss my white capris and shorts! (do I really have to put them away? do YOU follow that {no white after Labor Day} rule?)

I want to make pumpkin bars and sew quilts and buy fabric and crunch leaves with my shoes!

Fall is in my bones!!!!!!


Spencer Family said...

I rarely can even remember what day it I say wear white whenever you want!

Emily said...

I want to eat your pumpkin bars! Cute new blog background - and you can totally still wear your white (I think...).

Grandma Jan said...

Cute sewing ideas. Makes me want to get out my machine. But think I'll stick to cards and get my fall and Christmas projects going.
Had a great time in LR. Thanks for all the fun.

Heather said...

Wearing white after Labor Day is an old wives tale. Wear your white proudly my dear!

I wish I was feeling fall like you. I was in Hobby Lobby and loved looking at all the fall decorations, even some of the Christmas stuff but this 95 degree heat just doesn't make holidays feel so festive anymore for me, kind of sad.

marshallmadness said...

That pattern is by Sandy Gervais. I've told you she's my favorite! I'm there to sew with you anytime.

Grace said...

as long as it's warm, I don't bother with the no white thing. Mom and Dad follow it, it makes me laugh. but no, wear them!!!
cute stuff!