Monday, September 27, 2010

"Sizabeth" likes words with friends

I love Sunday dinner!
I love that it is our special day reserved for family.
It was my turn to cook so I made one of my favorites that I rarely indulge in.
I know. Me? Willpower? Who knew I had any????

I made Alice Springs Chicken and garlic mashed potatoes.
I love anything smothered with mushrooms, bacon and cheese!!!
Yes, please!

Then, Mom, Dad, W and I sat around and played words with friends on our phones and ipads.
We have multiple games going.
I'm sure we'll lose Dad as an active participant when his knee heals.
Until then, I just beat him by 130 points!

Why we didn't break out banangrams or scrabble or something where we interact in the real world?
not sure, but it was still fun!


Emily said...

LOL, I was just about to ask if I could send our extra scrable board your way :). This from the couple who sat in the same room playing Facebook scrabble against each other one night when the scrabble board was in the closet next to the couch...

Heather said...

You make me homesick when you talk of your family dinners. I haven't known what that is like for 10 years!! I didn't know you played "Words w/Friends". I just recently took that off my phone but I'll put it back on now that you are on! Email me your "name" sometime!

Liz said...

@Heather, I'm a lucky girl and got my first iphone for my birthday!!! :) so i just started playing but love it!
my "name" is the title :)