Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That's my bear!

When M was two, her Grandma Jan took her to get a Build-a-Bear. She was overwhelmed, awed, and came home very in love with Princess White Bear.

So, with Lu's second birthday coming up, and an aunt in town who is "Miss Build-a-Bear" herself, we thought it would be fun for her to get her own bear!!

Grace set it up with her old coworkers so that she could help stuff Miss Lu's bear (shhh... don't tell anyone that she doesn't work there anymore!)

Lu was just as overwhelmed and in awe.
She could barely decide what stuffed friend to pick.

But she settled on a hot pink new friend.
Don't worry, grimaces were the face of the day that day! I promise, she was having fun inside! :)
She was very overwhelmed and concerned about each step of the process.

We have to get a close up of that face. Does she look like she's having fun????
Then I spotted the thing that would fix it all! pink sunglasses!
Any bear with a penchant for pink sunglasses is good enough for Lu!
And it hasn't left her side much since then!
Thanks Jason and Gracie for helping make and dress Lu's bear!


Katie said...

Ash's aunts to him to BB back in February. He was horrified with the stuff your own thing, he wouldn't touch them! So after finding prestuffed ones, he was satisfied! It's a NBA doggie. :-)

Tati said...

So cute! I love her little outfit with the black and white. What a fun idea!

Grandma Jan said...

Adorable two-year-old with an adorable bear.

Katie said...

I love how she is always wearing sunglasses! She is such a doll!