Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lulu Lately...

A few weeks ago, I bought a box of mini donuts for a treat.
I came home, opened it up, gave Lu two and left the room.
I came back to find that she had snagged ten more, taking a bite of each and leaving them on her plate or putting them back in the box.
This little culprit makes me laugh!!! but she wasn't very hungry for lunch later! :)
The girls had "new" fall outfits for Sunday recently.
Lu has the perfect two year old shape. M's old clothes fit her so differently, I can't help but think some look cuter on her!
However, Miss Lu still just wants to be one of the big kids, and put on her sister's socks and shoes this morning. All by herself!
In other areas, the plight or flight of the num nummy is ongoing.
I am a sucker.
When she's fussing, I give in.
Wouldn't you, if this was how she looked when you took away her nummy?????
I could eat this girl.


Linz said...

ha ha ha...the donuts! What a cutie.

Grace said...

heehee she's so cute! and yes, I would give in too. but Jason would just be a bigger sucker for her! :)