Monday, September 20, 2010

What I learned in PreK this week!

Mrs. Strom (her cute teacher) is married but doesn't have kids so she must have grandkids.

And she doesn't live at school. (one of my favorite books as a kid was about investigating where their teacher REALLY slept!)

It is WAY more important for a word to start with a letter than to just contain a letter! For example, during "g week", it was way cooler that Gavin's name started with G than her own name had a G in it.

octupus stew is made with hot dogs (I still haven't figured out where the stew part comes in...)

M can now write her whole name but the e, g, and a look suspiciously alike and tough to read!

The "titty-tata" song is REALLY the "tooty-ta" song! (phew!!!)

The BIG gossip is "who got moved to yellow" during the day. (We talked about how this was none of our business to talk about! Especially when the poor culprit is standing right next to us!!)

The cool mom's club starts all the way back in PreK. I expected this one day as a former "last kid picked for the team" kid, but in PreK? Really? They have to sit around and chat about church and already know each other and ignore the newbies?

Separation anxiety can be purely, purely manipulative! (no, not a shock!). M LOVES school! She bounces home full of tales of what she learned and did, but she hates to leave me in the morning. It is still a struggle after a month, threats, a happy face chart, rewards, punishments, and I'm pulling my hair out! Today was the first easy day in ages and it was because her TA met me at the door, took her from me (she's my new hero!) and let me immediately leave rather than dragging out the trauma while she put up her lunch bag and backpack!

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Emily said...

I loved this post. Especially the part about who got moved to yellow (and not discussing it). That's a hard lesson I still haven't mastered.