Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream Analysis

This picture came home from PreK today.
I'm sad. and worried that I should be worried.

should i be worried?


Heather said...

Ahh, I feel so sad only cause I have one the same age. However, I do know that kids this age have extremely wild imaginations and life situations can be built up in their little heads a wee bit too much. As a kid, I remember having very vivid, wild dreams so I'm sure a child psychologist would say this is normal. Still kind of sad though. Have you asked her to tell you about her picture and who all the bugs (it appears) are?

Amy said...

I guess it depends if it is on going or just every once in a while. We all have bad dreams occasionally.

BTW: I love the new look!

Liz said...

this is the first!
but i had horrible nightmares as a kid so i'm not worried, i was just so sad at how detailed she remembered her bad dream!
and thanks! i had fun with the new layouts on blogger!

hilary said...

hi blogging friend! :) poor little thing! i hate thinking that they can have nightmares when they are so young. sophie had one for the first time the other day, i think. she was crying and looked terrified when she woke up from a nap the other day and she never cries when she wakes up. it was so sad. i hope it gets better for little m. :)

and i agree about grace being a great aunt and mother some day! i met her for the first time at churh and she was so good with sophie and kept talking/playing with her.

Marcia said...

Yes, normal for kids to have nightmares.

Great to have an opportunity to express it through drawing.

Here is some interesting info on Children's Dreams: