Tuesday, August 31, 2010

aunt Gracie

Tonight, while I helped cook dinner for our big family crowd, my sister took all the little kids upstairs and played dress up. For two hours.

When she has kids of her own, and my kids aren't the most amazing kids in the world to her anymore, I will truly miss what a wonderful aunt and uncle she and her husband are. Cause let's face it, I was a much better aunt before I had kids of my own! :)

I love that the ten year age gap between us has shrunk as she has grown up.

I love that when she comes to town, we make cards and jewelry and watch movies and cook and drop everything to spend tons of time together.

I love that she now listens to me when I give her book recommendations.

I am learning how she is a bit different as a married lady. But liking it more and more.

I love what a true friend she is to her funny high school friends.

I love that she thinks I'm cool too.

and I wish that she could visit more often!!

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Grace said...

You made me cry!!!
I love you, siz