Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot Summer Sun in Georgia!

We just spent the weekend in Macon, Georgia with our daddy.
It was a much needed break, trip, and time with our daddy.
We didn't want to come home.
But we wanted to come home....
...we just wanted to bring our daddy home too!! (three weeks, we can do it!!!!)

There was lots of relaxing.
And eating.

And daddy time with Sonic happy hour!
And daddy time playing on the bed!
And cooling off by the air conditioner!


Grace said...

sweet shades. ;)

Grandma Jan said...

Love it. Lovely photos and lots of fun. Yes, won't it be nice to have Daddy home again.
I miss you guys so much. The girls are growing up and so adorable. Thanks for taking and sharing all the photos. Looks like they had a great time out East.
Hugs to all. G Jan