Thursday, August 12, 2010

My greatest joys

The last night we were in Macon, I was giving the girls a bath.

All weekend, M had been obsessed with questions about what it was like when she was born.

She was convinced that I didn't know her and didn't love her when she was born. We had been strangers.

She was lying down in the water with shampooed hair. I gently rinsed it out, looking her straight in the eye and told her about my feelings about her when she was born.

I told her that I knew what she would look like. I'd had so many ultrasounds that I recognized her. She was exactly as I'd pictured her. I told her she was so beautiful and had a content smile from the moment she was born. I told her that before she was born we watched her very carefully and that I loved her completely from the second I found out she was coming to our family.

She smiled up at me, took my arm and told me that she loved me from the moment she was born too.

I think my heart burst with love.

I finished up their bath and walked out of the bathroom to find my husband laying on the bed, listening.

He said, You are the best mommy. I love you.

My heart burst again.


Julie said...

Just beautiful.

Moments like that make it all worth it!

Grandma Jan said...

Beautiful story from a wonderful Mom. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Tell M we all loved her from the moment she was born and we still do.

Emily said...

I love this story! You are a fabulous mama.

Grace said...

you're making me cry!!!!

Claudia said...


Linz said...

Okay now my heart is bursting. So glad you recorded this moment.

Liz&Meg said...

aw, thanks everyone! i couldn't decide if it was too personal to share, but i wanted it recorded for our family!