Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Whole New World!

We have entered the world of school!

M starts Pre-K in one week!

I am so excited for her! I think she will soak it up and LOVE it!

People look at me crazy when I tell them it's full time though. It's through the public school, so it's 7:40am-2:20pm Monday through Friday! We'll see how it goes. The beauty is that if it is a disaster, it's not required, and I can always pull her out.
But I don't think it will be.

Last week we registered for school. I took her with me. I don't think she has held my hand so tight in a long time. It became more real to her. We are going to a brand new, state of the art, HUGE public school (800+ kids, there are three PreK classes!) so we're excited to be in a new place where everyone's excited to be there.

Last night, we went to Larry's Pizza for a "get to know the teachers night". On the way there, M told me that her teacher is "blonde, with blue eyes and pink lips". I asked her, "what if she has brown hair?" And she said, "no, she is blonde with blue eyes and pink lips." I asked her if she meant her sweet primary teacher at church (who fits that description) and she said, no, her school teacher. I dropped the subject, all the while thinking, this could be interesting!

We walked in and it was a MADHOUSE! I was sure it was a mistake! There didn't seem to be any organization whatsoever and there was no way to tell who was a teacher and who was a parent. But one adult with two toddlers at Larry's is quite an economical dinner, so I decided we would just eat our pizza, enjoy it and go.

We lucked out, and as we ate dinner, it became very clear that several tables of teachers were just down the row from us. We waited for a lull in the crowd and then walked down. Luckily the teachers immediately looked up to see what grade we were looking for. We met two out of the three PreK teachers. The first totally met M's description of a "teacher". I told her about our conversation and the teacher said, "well, maybe I'll be your teacher then!" She was very sweet! (We won't know until next week who her teacher is)

Then we turned around and the other PreK teacher was a lovely young black woman. M was being very shy throughout this entire experience so we introduced ourselves and I pointed out that the teacher had pretty sparkles on her shirt. The teacher said, "anything that is pink. Pink is my favorite color!" M just giggled into my shoulder.

She's going to be just fine.


Heather said...

I've never heard of a "meet the teacher" night at a local restaurant. M will do awesome, she may need some getting used to the long day, but after the first week, she'll be good to go. I'm excited for her, and you!!

Grace said...

awww how cute!!!! I like it! wow. Next week!!!

Grandma Jan said...

Good for M. She will love school. Wishing her the best!