Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet the Teacher 8/17

Two days before school started, we got to tour the school and finally meet her real teacher!

ps-it's the teacher with blonde hair, blue eyes and pink lips! Score!

This is M's big school!
It's beautiful! We got lost finding her class-it's so big!
M is excited about her new school!
Her room is decked out in "owl theme" with a book corner (here they are sitting on the reading couch), computers, play areas, dress up, you name it!
I think it's highly likely that her neighbor there thinks she's pretty cute too!
Here are her teachers, Mrs. Shaid and Mrs. Strom (her main teacher on the right)
We also toured the library. This mural is on one of the walls-love it!
There are TWO music rooms, and TWO art rooms!
We left excited and ready for her new year!!!

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The Beaumonts said...

i went to school with molly! aka her teacher! M is super lucky she is awesome! so how do you get into roberts?