Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss Lulu!

Lu has always had a piece of my heart.
She snuggled in right from the start and still does.

*She does everything in her own time. She talked and walked when she was darn well ready!
*She takes joy in everything around her, scrunching up her eyes with joy and grinning wildly!
*she loves sunglasses
*she loves to dance
*she loves to sing along with her favorite songs
*she loves a good "nuggo"
*she loves Elmo and Dora
*she has to have several stuffed animals, a pillow, a "nummy" and "ganky" to sleep well
*she loves to get her hair done and have "peety" hair
*she loves to be a big girl-sit at the table drink from a real cup, anything
*she won't walk down stairs without help
*she loves to color
* she loves story time
* she loves her butterfly lawn chair during movie time
*she talks to you out of the corner of her eye
*she loves to play peetyboo!
*she loves "Lalla" and Cinderella is the only princess movie she will watch the whole way through
*she loves to do anything her big sis is doing (we're starting to need two of everything!)
*she loves knock knock jokes
*she peeks around corners at you
*she likes to be comfy, perfectly situated wherever she is!
*she loves to rock it out to music in the car!
*she loves anything sweet and chocolatey
*if she's serious about telling you something, she'll squat down and use hand gestures!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl with the blonde curls!

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Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS 2 YEARS OLD!!! That was fun reading about all her cute characteristics. I'm glad your hubby got home in time to celebrate this fun milestone!