Monday, August 9, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7

You might as well skip if you're not into So You Think You Can Dance.

I've been a fan since season 3. I've been an avid watcher since season 4.
My favorite dance is still Janette and Brandon in season 5, dancing to Ruby Blue.
So, not that anyone cares or that I have any authority, here's what I think.

-choreography? THUMBS DOWN! It's better this season than last but there aren't many "memorable" dances like the Butt Dance or the Garden that stand out. That being said, I love love love Nappy Tabs and Sonya Taiea's dances!!! Which leads me to...

-Mia Michaels as a judge? ONE THUMB UP and ONE THUMB DOWN! I value her opinion, but her eyes always being squinted shut are waaaaayyyy less annoying than Mary Murphy's laugh! However, I MISS her beautiful choreography! And I think she and Adam gang up on Nigel. For example, not voting anyone off that one week? It just delayed the inevitable so they could save face.

-"ALL STARS"? THUMBS WAY UP!!! I wasn't sure how this would go down but I love it! I remember from season's past how a dancer would end up in the bottom even though they had done brilliantly just because their partner hadn't held up their end of the bargain. No more of that! Once the judges got their gushing over the all stars out of their system, I think it's been great to evaluate the dancers on their merits alone, not just on their partners.

-The judging this season? THUMBS DOWN! I mentioned it earlier. I value their role and commentary, however I think they've been unfairly biased towards dancers (Jose and Adechike?) and make it adamantly clear how they feel while not really being able to find anything wrong with their dancing!

Luckily that's why it's America's Favorite dancer and not touting itself as America's BEST dancer!

Which is why I will continue to watch. Because I love dances like....
and this one
and this one

And so yes, I will be glued to my couch this week for the finale!


Grandma Jan said...

Great shares. I am enjoying the show also and look forward to the finale this week.

Grace said...

I love this show. I'm terribly behind, so don't tell me anything and let me know if you have spoilers on your blog!!!
but I love the show. and I miss watching with you! Maybe I can catch up and watch it with you this week...probably not enough time in the day...but I will have watched it by the time I get to Arkansas so we can talk about it!!!