Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We interrupt Lulu fest to update you on a few things!

THREE!!!!!! and no, not a third child, as the sweet man who sealed W and I in the temple assumed on FB, but three days!

Only three days left of single mommyhood, of noncooking, of our girl power summer (we need to rock out to the Black eyed Peas a bunch more, fast!), of slacking off, of lonely-husband-sick weekends, and of missing our Daddy!

THREE! that's so little, so few, there is definite light at the end of this tunnel!

Also, tonight we get to meet M's preK teacher and see her class! Wish us luck! It's exciting!

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Grandma Jan said...

Fun news. Can't wait to hear more about M's teacher and classroom. Tell us more when you can.