Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Lu again!

my beautiful birthday girl!
yes, you CAN make black icing! this cake turned out sooo well!
Jake made a yummy yummy Spanish paella
cousins played with sesame street face balloons

Lu was showered with presents from her sweet family! she had a very concerned look on her face with each present but loved everything!

did i mention it was also Grace's birthday party? :) (luckily it was her favorite cake flavor as well and she didn't mind sharing an Elmo cake!)
happy birthday to my sweet baby sister and my sweet baby girl!


Grandma Jan said...

What fun? Adorable cake and great party! I can't wait to see everyone. Lulu will have lots of presents to show her Grandma Jan and Papa Bill. I want to her M's Sunday presentation too. See you later this week.

Heather said...

Now THAT is what all that funky colored frosting is for. You had me worried with what you were baking with BLACK frosting! I'm so glad you get to live so close to family to share these fun celebrations with. Happy Birthday LU!

Tati said...

What a cutie! That is a fun cake and what a great party!

Jen said...

The paella looks AMAZING!
Happy Birthday Lucy!