Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Speaking of games...

Do you know we love games?
My hubby would play chess or Trivial Pursuit, well, more often than I participate, that's for sure! We have four versions of it to prove it. I'm really only good at the Lord of the Rings one (great clearance buy!) but we make a great team at the other versions!

When we were engaged, a lady in my ward cautioned, "let him win at scrabble every once in a while." I thought nothing of it, until I started to pay attention to his strategy....and beating him!

We have been known to fight over games because we're competitive, but it's all good fun, right?

We definitely have old standby games. But we're flexible. If it's a game, we probably like it!

We have loved this one since we were engaged. It's the best of scrabble and cards in one game! Except when we introduced it to my family, we had more fun creating nonsense words (some that we actually use!) than playing the game which annoys my rule-abiding husband!

We gave this one to each other for mother's/father's day one year. We haven't regretted it since! It's fun because it can be fast or slow, easy or hard and you can pace it for new players or experts! :)

This is M's favorite card game. She doesn't get it really but it's fun to play anyway and let her pick the queens. The queens and kings are delightful and it's worth playing just to see how cute the pancake queen and the peacock queen are!!

We were introduced to the Munchkin games by our favorite game playing friends (and cousins to boot! sigh!) who live in Utah (sigh again!). Munchkin bites is my favorite (W's fave is Munchkin Fu). You fight monsters, loot treasure and collect all sorts of fun and funny armor and weapons along the way! It's great fun! (sigh a third time!)

We love Bananagrams! It's bananatastic, as my sister in law says!
We are bigger fans of Cities and Knights of Catan than just the original Settlers on its own. It's more complicated but worth it! (and maybe out of production? it's super expensive on Amazon! we did not pay that much!)
Any classics we're missing??


Grandma Jan said...

More games than I've ever heard of. Ticket to Ride - Europe looks like lots of fun. M's Sleeping Queens looks like something I would enjoy too. Thanks for sharing all the fun.

Linz said...

Thanks for the suggestions!!!!

Jenny said...

You should try Dominion. It's great!

Clarinda said...

A couple friends introduced us to Ticket to Ride. Way fun! Have you ever played the Farming Game or the Construction Game (a spin-off of the Farming Game)? Those are classics in the Pacific NW.

Grace said...

are you feeling a bit Wampy, siz?
I read the comment about how we still use the words we make up and couldn't think of this word until I went to type it and it clicked!!! ahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha good times!