Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on plastic dishes

I got these beauties a few years back when Ikea first opened in Minneapolis.
my hubby HATES Ikea! he would rather go anywhere but there.
i personally wish we'd utilized it more now that our closest one is six hours away!
but these cups are great, cute, sturdy, and CHEAP!
and i've regretted ever since that i didn't buy the entire set in triplicate!
so my mother in law asked me what Lu wanted for her birthday.
Lu is so easy she's tough. she likes everything.
so sometimes i have trouble thinking of things she "needs" when we have so much already!

so i asked for dishes.

they will benefit Lu.
she will enjoy them.
and so will I!!! :)
so happy birthday to Lu and me!
aren't they beautiful? i mentioned wanting enough to feed all the cousins.
so they counted out the eight cousins and decided we needed two sets!


we love them! the bowls are perfect snack size! the plates are perfect meal size!
and i love matching!
then to delight us more, they also gave us these bowls and plates.

i am in LOVE with the plates. they have a big lip around the edge to contain things better, they're super thick but light, and they're also the perfect kid-size!

thank you thank you thank you, grandpa Bill!!!


Grandma Jan said...

They look even better here all stacked up. Enjoy. Tell Lu that Grandpa had fun shopping for her.

Emily Larkin said...

the perfect present kids dont need more toys! I love Ikea. Go there whenever I go to Utah.

Heather said...

Are you refering to the Ikea by me by chance??? W & D would be in good company if your hubby loathes it as much as mine! D refuses to go it's kind of annoying sometimes. However, I have plastic dishes too (not Ikea) that seem to just work perfectly for my kids. I put the plastic cups in a drawer so if they get thirsty, they grab a cup and get water from the fridge, totally convenient!

Emily said...

What does my dear, sweet cousin have against cheap Scandinavian furniture of questionable quality? We're clearly not cut from the same cloth :).

Love the dishes, what a great color selection!!

Liz said...

@Heather and & Em, he HATES it! I only got him to to go twice in MN and he would groan the whole way through! It's too long-too many places to get waylaid, and too many good deals. I think he worries I would fill up the car with good deals! I'm still not sure what the problem is there! :)