Saturday, April 3, 2010

a good Friday indeed!

Daddy had Friday off from work. hooray!
we enjoyed a lazy morning
a picnic lunch at the park
a walk down the Kingfisher Trail
it continues to astonish me how they change from being babies to little "persons" over night!
my big helper-i'm discovering that 9x out of 10, she's really just trying to "help" lulu when it seems like she's driving her nuts. Now to work on lulu's overreacting! :)
the girls played, the parents spotted!

and believe it or not, she DID enjoy this slide! she would get to the end, gasp, and start laughing in a panicked voice!

my little Holman and my big Holman
the day ended off with swimming at grandma's
chinese takeout
a movie with my hubby

1 comment:

Grandma Jan said...

What a wonderful day for all of you. Lulu has really taken to the walking - she really is a mini-adult as G Bill calls kids.
Love the photos.