Thursday, April 29, 2010

my next wild woman

lulu cried the whole way home from the grocery store today.
big crocodile tears.
she ran away from me twice in the parking lot, arms waving like an orangutan and screaming joyfully, as she escaped in the busy-after-work-rush-parking lot at Kroger.
so she got yelled at for the first time for real.
her sweet sensitive soul was devastated that i could be so mean...and take away her "nummy-nummy"!

we want them to develop personalities, right?
and then when they do, we want them to mellow back down again!

but i must admit, i can barely resist her grin...or her curls!

ps- big sis did NOT dress her up. this is a lulu original!
pps- i have fallen in love with "babies in crocs"

1 comment:

Grandma Jan said...

They are cute shoes. I love Lulu and her grins.