Monday, April 19, 2010

gotta love 'em!

"Easter Sunday" was a rough and busy morning.
I was singing a duet with my brother in the ward church choir and so we had to be there extra early.
It didn't bode well for lulu. This is the best we got of their "easter dresses". I'll try again the next time they wear them. I loved these fabrics and had fun making the dresses. I made fabric flowers and fabric buttons to go on their waistbands. I'll try and get a close up next time.
and I promise I did M's hair as soon as we got to church...and my makeup.
first, a word about singing. I love singing.
I love, love, loved singing with my brother, Jake. He has a beautiful voice and I think there's something to be said about people singing together whose vocal folds have the same gene pool! It was so easy to blend voices with him and it was a wonderful experience. I hope to sing with him again sometime!
M enjoying bubbles outside while we were washing cars last Saturday
lulu REALLY enjoying Jake's ice cream birthday cake (so much so that it was blinding her and she had to put on her shades!) Lately the shades go everywhere. She wears them in bed, first thing in the morning in her jammies, you name it!
and yes, my children are weird! M wanted a picture of her "makeup". I'm not sure how an Elmo bandaid unibrow qualifies as makeup but I still complied.
and this is a flower pot. She thought it should be a hat. good thing she's cute!


Grandma Jan said...

Easter does look hectic. The dresses are adorable and so are the girls - even if LG wasn't ready for photo time.
Thanks for sharing photos. It always makes my day and puts a smile on my face. I miss you guys.

Emily said...

Your girls' dresses are darling, as always!