Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Out for Women: Hope

This is me and Maria Mae, my wild sister in law at the beginning of April.

Wanna know why we look so excited??????

It's because we got to escape to Memphis for a day and a half with no kids!!!!!!!!

We kept looking at each other and getting excited over things like, "we don't have to put kids to bed tonight! woohoo!!!"

It's the little things!

We went to Memphis for Time Out for Women. I have wanted to go to one of these several times but it's never worked out. So, despite Mom getting sick at the last minute, moonpie and I still headed out for some fun, inspiration, good food, shopping, and a free hotel room! Can't beat that!!

Friday night we saw a short video from Sheri Dew, who I was so bummed wasn't going to be there, but still managed to inspire and convey the spirit through a television screen! In lieu of her coming, we enjoyed a few others...

This is Jenny Oaks Baker. She is a wonderful violinist. She has this cute little voice that totally surprises you though because she is super serious when she plays. She seriously has a "violin face".
This is John Bytheway. Yes, my husband looooooves to make jokes about his name. And he himself has many as well. I had heard him speak at a youth conference as a kid but he was fun and entertaining as an adult as well.
The next morning, after a lovely queen bed with big fluffy pillows all to myself and a wonderful down duvet...did I mention we got the hotel room for free???? ...we enjoyed another wonderful day!

This is Hilary Weeks. She has a beautiful voice. I loved listening to her. But I discovered something about myself. I don't want to go out and buy CD's of easy listening /pop /inspirational music. Hymns without words or classical hymns like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Bring it on. But sweet songs about being a mom and feeling the spirit are fun for me to listen to when I'm at the conference but not what I pick out to listen to in the car.
I felt dorky taking pictures of all the speakers, so on Saturday, when they all got up on the stage at once to introduce themselves, I jumped at the photo op...only to discover two weeks later that it was blurry. Oh well.

What a wonderful meeting this was!!

I wanted to share one of the talks that really struck a chord with me. I have been really struggling with patient parenting with my four year old. I went to this conference with a prayer that I would hear something that would help me. It came from the speaker who I didn't expect or know anything about and is now my favorite!! Read more about Emily Watts here.

She spoke about "mother hopes". First, she joked about the things we should just give up hope on right now!!
1. sleeping through the night ever again!
2. being in charge!
3. having something nice of your own that the kids won't destroy!

Then she spoke of the "mother hopes" that she hoped we would never give up on:
1. The hope that your children can progress. That one day, they will learn, grow and improve. The years fly by even if the days don't.
2. The hope that this work that we are engaged in is WORTH it! She encouraged us to have faith not just in the doctrine of motherhood but that it applies to ME!
3. The hope that someone who is smarter than you and a better parent than you is ready to help right now! Heavenly Father's help comes just in time! He knows how to parent perfectly!

Most of you know that I'm ready to pull my hair out most days as a mom. I'm searching for ways to do this job better and help my children, especially my older one, be happier (aka, tantrum less). I was so thankful that going to this meeting with the need to escape and a prayer in my heart, that I was blessed with answers and a wonderful sister in law to entertain me!!

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Heather said...

Ok #3 listed about having something of your own the kids won't need to buy your Barbie and stare at her often! Sounds to me M is ready for pre-school. My R is in the same boat and just recently found a presby church that all my friends recommended so she'll be starting that this summer (I think I'm more stoked than she is!). Glad you had a wonderful kid-less time, and a bed to yourself, and family to hang with, and some entertainment that you could enjoy with no interruptions!