Tuesday, April 27, 2010

status updates


....would really like a tantrum-free day!

....is feeling like a very inadequate mother today. today? hah! this year!

....just found out and is so excited that her daughter is going to pre-K next fall!!!!!

....is now nervous about sending her four year old to full time school.

....thinks her husband really ought to write that book.

....loves having the windows open this week!!! hooray for 68 degree highs!

....is a Gleek.

....is trying not to get her hopes up.

....is sick and tired of prospective employers not seeing the stellar worker and supreme work ethic her husband has!

....found the best therapy toys for $2 and $4 at Saver's this week!

....is hoping she sleeps through the night tonight.

....is concerned at the increasing number of migraines she's having.

....is thankful her family is going to have health insurance again on May 1st.

....is hoping no one gets sick in the next four days!

....doesn't feel like cleaning her house.

....is wondering how often normal people buy pillows for their bed. This last batch only lasted a year!

....needs to call maintenance about her sink.


Emily said...

I love this post! Is health insurance as of May 1 tied to a job change or full-time position for one of you???

Liz&Meg said...

oh good!

no, we just quit the temp insurance to pay for private once the girls' insurance dropped them

Grandma Jan said...

Interesting! Hope you can all stay well. I love the great weather too. It's been lovely here. We (coworkers) have been taking walks at lunch - great to get out in the sunshine and great weather.