Friday, April 16, 2010

M & H... and L, R and S too

turn your head to the side. better?
I have a sweet memory of these girls. When we first moved here, we went shopping with my parents at Best Buy. It was right after Christmas and we were exchanging a few things. J&T and their girls came to join us. We were still new enough, that when M and Hazie would see each other it was a surprise and a special treat. They happened to be wearing the same yellow princess sweaters.

They saw each other, yelled out, and ran toward each other, meeting in a big hug.
I love their friendship.

Hazie and her mom and sister and brother have been gone for two and a half weeks! That's a long time in four year old land....and makes me think twice about her recent behavior and acting out....

This morning we met for a park date and some lovely Target browsing with sodas and breadsticks.

The girls held hands as they played on the playground.
The baby grew like a weed while he was gone and gave me a smile right away.
The girls ran around the Target toy aisles.
And they also fought over who got which seat in the "horsie" (those really big carts at Target)
All was as it should be.
Welcome home guys! We missed you!

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Grandma Jan said...

This is really a cute photo. It's wonderful when the cousins live close.

Could I request some walking L photo updates? I hear she's doing great. Check out my blog banner. With Sarah's help, I was able to create one.

Give those girls a hug from Grandma Jan.