Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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I have had grand plans to download pictures and tell you about my cute kids and wonderful weekend for days. But it hasn't happened.

I have been drowning in tantrums and paperwork and an April heat wave. (Curse all you Arkansans who complained about our "long, cold winter". I would rather have that than 90 degrees in April!!!

I don't like paperwork. I do it. But I don't like it. I am one of many of course.

I don't like tantrums. And we have had a few doozies this week.

I think they were over a tootsie roll and a bath. That sounds like cause for demonic screaming and kicking, eh?

Luckily, this week, my dear friends who I have vented to haven't told me about their perfect, well-behaved children. I have discovered that I am not the only one. And that two dear friends, who have it all together and are wonderful moms, feel the same way I do right now. Sometimes you just need to hear that other moms have demon children too. And that yes, some kids tantrum past two, thank you very much!

And so, rather than go on (more than I have), I will blog another day when I feel more inspired to tell you about my wonderful weekend and my cute girl who walks more and more each day. And pray that my crazy girl someday outgrows her current stage!


Claudia said...

yeah i hate those days/weeks. just when you think you have your kids under control you get thrown a curve ball! hopefully the weekend will be better for you :)

Grandma Jan said...

I understand, it's hard to blog unless the mood strikes you just right. I've had a dry spell too.
As for my adorable granddaughters they are perfect and can do no wrong but then I am allowed to say that. Spend them up. I'd love to give you some time off. Give them both a big hug from G Jan.
Hope the week gets better.

Heather said...

I had one DOOZIE of a tantrum at Whole Foods a couple weeks back. I think the entire store heard the child screaming and she wasn't about to stop even though I was trying to firmly squeeze her little arm and telling her she is losing privleges. We all go through them, even moms in China deal with tantrums. How to stop one though, well, that depends on your beliefs I guess.