Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Minnesota Friends!

we went to Minnesota for spring break in March!
(don't worry Grandma Jan, there's a Minnesota family post coming too!)
these are my angel travelers!
they have survived the 14 hour car ride to Minnesota and back or to Arkansas and back more times than we can count now!
give them a movie and snacks and drive through the night and they're wonderful!
while in Minnesota, we saw some of our dearest friends!
these are my pregnancy buddies! and dinner buddies!
we had dinner with these friends at least once a month in our first married ward, Minnetonka. we were all new at the same time and we were all pregnant at the same time. Camille and Laura and I always had someone to commiserate with and talk about babies with! It was wonderful! I miss these beautiful talented women so much! (and we miss the Kennedys and Tim that night too!)
these are the beautiful girls (l to r: Camille's, mine and Laura's) that were born within six months of each other!
while they really haven't grown up together, it was so neat to see them immediately have fun and dress up and dance and play together all evening!
we also saw our old friends, the gophers
W got his U of M fix and a window cling for the car so he doesn't have to be jealous of my Utah State one anymore! :)
and of course I had a lovely lunch with my old work friends. I miss these wonderful ladies soooo much and love how we can get together and immediately it's like I never left! They are such wonderful friends!!!!
lulu came along with me to this lunch and it is clear that she enjoyed being the only princess while M played with grandma-she liked the individual attention and domination over the dress up!
We also visited with old friends at church and had dinner (but no pictures) with our wonderful friends, Jansen and Christina and their kids, exposing them to the mistress of all evil, Malificent! :)

We were so blessed with friends in Minnesota and are so lucky that we have been able to visit and revisit with these friends whenever we make it up there!


Grandma Jan said...
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Grandma Jan said...

They are good travelers. It was great having you here.
G Jan