Thursday, April 22, 2010

a haircut for my Eide girl!

cousin em introduced me to the "two-head" a while back. most people have foreheads.
some lucky people have a small forehead that is more aptly called a "two-head".
then there are those of us who have a "six-head".
these are they who NEED bangs. lulu comes by it honestly. she is all her daddy. so when her hair started getting stringy and in her eyes, I gave her bangs.
I think she looks so cute with her new do! she does too and loves getting her hair done lately, but she didn't love sitting for another picture on this day!
but I think she looks even more like her grandma and aunts than ever!
from the concerned furrowed brow
to the cute bangs and blonde hair!
my cute Eide girl fits right in!


Emily said...

I see SO MUCH of your mom in the shape of her jaw, but you're right, the eyes, brows and forehead are all Eide. I see so many pictures of my mom as a baby and think of Lulu.

Grandma Jan said...

Adorable blog. The photos worked well. L certainly is an 'Eide' girl. She has my concerned look too. I wonder where she got that. I just want to give those cute cheeks big kisses.

What is W carrying on his back? Is that a golf bag?

Love to all - Grandma Jan

Liz&Meg said...

em, i definitely see the chin!

duh! that's his photon pack! ;) it's from Halloween when he was a ghostbuster!