Friday, April 15, 2011

The Creative Process

Spring has sprung at story time and lulu is relishing it!
I swear these last two weeks have been her all time favorites! Here she is decorating her butterfly!
The Hungry Caterpillar is her very favorite book right now and she was thrilled that it was the centerpiece for the storytime!
This week it was ladybugs and she insisted on wearing her "crown" for days after!
I love how these girls think and create!
I have always been antsy with scissors and my kids, luckily she's learning at school. She cut out her coloring book sheet and turned it into a real necklace. She was so proud of herself.
my beautiful big girl!


Grace said...

Cute girls!!
That cutting job is pretty awesome. That's a GREAT talent for just finishing preschool!!!
Miss them!!

Grandma Jan said...

The girls are adorable. They look great.